New Methods for Circular Breathing, #3/Player Piano & Piano Player (Disappearancepiece 3)

Piece for player piano, piano player and another piano solo piece by another composer to be chosen ad lib by the piano player

text / sound / video


The soloist chooses

a random work

for solo piano from

a random epoch by

a random composer.

I recommend selecting moderately tempoed piece which the musician can play without difficulty and without error. Before the performance, the selected piano piece is recorded by the pianist for the player piano. During the performance, the player piano performs the recorded music. The soloist has the task of silently pressing and holding the key of the next note before the “mechanical” partner can press it, thus avoiding striking the string by a punctual and silent pressing of the respective key.

A perfect performance would accordingly result in total silence because none of the piano strings were struck. An interesting performance would give rise to a new piece. An unsuccessful performance, however, is by no means characterized by the sounding of struck strings, but, as always, from a lack of genuine commitment.