The Disappearance of Media / A Manifestation of Elephants
"And their 2nd and 3rd stage of vanishing in presence of the holy ghost and other international guests, in honor of the remarkable Harry Houdini and his conducted disappearances of Jenny the Elephant and an anonymous animal trainer at the world famous New York Hippodrome on January 1918."
"You can plainly see, the animal is completely gone." (H.H. 1917)

Installation, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium

Magic Theatre construction: Tobias Grewenig (Mechatronics) & Joost Summond (Hardware)
All other construction: Joris Ribbens
Organization: Glen Geerinck
Comissioned by Rik De Boe and Peter Morrens / Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium

images / text / movie

documentaion 5:53 Min