TETRAKTYS is generated with the aid of aerial drones, which form the corners of a virtual tetrahedron in space, function as sound generators of a mechanical model of the sky. Each drone is equipped with a singular accordion tongue permanently exited by a fan. All together the four drones form a simple chord structure, based on fifths. They create a hovering sound space. As humming "spheres" they accompany the changing spatial constellations of their "celestial bodies" and other interferences such as airflow and resonances.

TETRAKTYS is part of my (ironic) series of experiments with "world machines" _ artistic and scientific models designed as distinctive metaphors about the appropriation of space through sound or of sound through its spatial context. The installation TETRAKTYS, too, investigates this tension, going back into the history of art and science. The Pythagorean "harmony of the spheres" and resulting notions of the "musica mundana" (Boethius) and "harmonice mundi" (Johannes Kepler) once served as a universal model for explaining the order of the cosmos. The ideas of a world based on simple numerical proportions and of the unity of art and science continued to fascinate people until today. The insatllation plays with these interpretive contexts.

TETRAKTYS I (Mexico City)
TERAKTYS III (Ancient Messne)